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Follow the Star (FTS) is a live, outdoor production with 10 scenes of the life of Christ. When attending the “live” production, people can either walk or drive through. 

Our response when asked:  “Why do you have the crucifixion scene during the Christmas season?”  “Because people need to know … the rest of the story!”

This production features professional lighting, sound, period costumes, and a giant light in the sky so, like the Wisemen of old, people today can find their way to see Jesus as their Savior.

With over 300 cast and crew from Good Shepherd, and the help of several other churches in their community, the Gospel of Jesus is brought to life.

There is no admission fee. Instead, we ask attendees to bring non-perishable food items to support the needs of families in our community … Just as Jesus would.

Over the years here in Central Texas, FTS has generated over $30k and over 20 tons of food for our local food and clothing center — Hill Country Community Ministries. 

While we hope and pray we can come back with our live production of FTS in 2021 (our 10th anniversary), we thank God for the opportunity He is giving us this year to reach more people with the Gospel message than ever before.

Just as the virus has gone viral throughout our community and the world … join us this year as we make the message of Christ through FTS



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