Follow the Star Needs Your Help

Dear Good Shepherd Family:

In the face of Covid 19 having gone viral throughout the world, God is providing us the vision and means to give hope to the world by going viral with Follow The Star.


As most of you likely have heard, this year’s production of Follow The Star will be through the use of digital technology. We are beginning the production of a 30 minute FTS video for television. We just completed the production of a 4 minute FTS trailer video for social media (the more we “share” the more we go viral).

Not only will using this technology for our FTS production keep us all safe this year, but the Gospel of Jesus will reach more people than ever before!

For the same reason we are cancelling the live production of FTS, we are also cancelling the fundraising dinner and live auction that provides the majority of funding for FTS.

Each year we have raised an average of $40,000 for FTS. The cost of $15,000 for lighting, and another $25,000 for marketing, wardrobe, makeup, animals, materials for ground cover and buildings, etc, will instead be used to invest in these FTS video productions. We need to raise at least $35,000 for the production, the marketing, and the television spots for the FTS video.  

While we won’t be able to see you at our FTS Fundraising Banquet & Auction, we still need your help.

Please consider a gift the size of your usual FTS donation:

     __$25 (Just like buying a seat at the table!)

     __$50 (Same as paying for your spouse — a good idea.)

     __$100 (Thought you’d include a couple friends as well!)

     __$200 (Just like buying a whole table. Thank You!)

     __$300 (Same as tickets for movie night baskets, The Roaring Fork, Home Depot, & a gun)            

     __$500 (The minimum for a live auction item … meant just for you!)

    __ $1000 (The same for that Hunting Trip or those tickets to Cowboys versus Vikings!  Yes!)

    __ $3000 (What “others” invest to secure that Doug Green sculpture or Mark Ansier cross)

    __ $5000 (Our investment in the new Pilate scene as we look forward to FTS Live in 2021)

If we could, we’d meet for dinner with you but this year there is no brisket or chicken, no wine or dessert, and no auction items. Please help us raise the equivalent of 250 tickets to a “Dinner  that won’t be served!”  (Who needs the cheesecake anyway?)  Help us match last year’s auction and fund FTS in this unique and life changing year.  Any gift you give will push our ministry of FTS to a new level (without the burden of lugging a basketful of auction items to your car). 

Your gift this year is 100% tax deductible!

People in our community — and around the world — are more desperate in their search for “hope” in these uncertain times. FTS gives that hope. This year, we have the unique opportunity, through God’s wisdom, to impact the lives of more people with the Gospel of Jesus than ever before.

And next year?  By God’s grace we will be back — live and in person — to celebrate our 10th year of FTS — in which our cast and crew will bring the Gospel of Jesus to life once again! 

  • Pray for us as we work to make this year’s FTS go viral!
  • Thank God for granting us the vision to see the good He’s working in real time—Romans 8:28.
  • Ask God to grant all of us willing hearts to accept and support this year’s FTS!
  • And ask God to grant us a spirit of unity and hope our community will see — then ask us that standard question FTS BEGS to be asked every single year:

“Why the crucifixion scene during the Christmas season?

“Because people NEED to know … THE REST OF THE STORY!”

Thank you for your support of FTS!  

Thank God for His grace and His lead!

BeBlessed to Bless!

Pastor Marty